Wayne Wong Photography

A photograph of Wayne Wong, Photographer and Visual story teller

Wayne Wong is an Australian storytelling photographer currently based in Hong Kong.  He spends his time between Hong Kong and Melbourne, Australia.  Wayne started using photography as a medium during art in high school and continues to use it to share the ideas and concepts in his head.

He created Evoke Eternity to tell the stories of couples and their relationship stories through their lives.  He has been asked to photograph their wedding and the next chapter of their lives when they have a family.  Recently, he started Evoke Fantasy as an avenue for kids to tell their own stories of adventure and fantasy.

His work has been around the world, including a dance production in New York City;  a theatre company in Prague; and publications in Australia and Hong Kong.

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Whether you’re a designer, working professional or a business you have an interesting story to share. It would be a privilege to tell your story through my art.

Selected publications
  • Macau Closer (Macau)
  • Wall Street Journal
  • EcoZine (Hong Kong)
  • Raffles Magazine (Hong Kong)
  • Australian Mountain Bike Magazine (Australia)
  • Revolution Magazine (Australia)
  • Fashionising
  • Partysan Magazine
  • Fashion Journal Magazine (Australia)
Selected exhibitions

Below is a list of some of the publications and exhibitions my work has appeared in.

  • Head On Add On Exhibition (Sydney, Australia)
  • Head On Competition (Sydney, Australia)
  • New North Gallery Competition (Melbourne, Australia)


Fashion photography from Australia, Hong Kong and Macau.


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